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July 27, 2012

Petra, Bruneck, Italy


Petra, Bruneck, Südtirol, Italy
Petra works at the marketing department of the city Bruneck. She organizes the summer festival called “Sommernachtstraum” (a midsummer night’s dream). All the alleys are full of musicians and stalls till early in the morning. At that time you barely can find a place to sit outside and have a glass of “Aperol Spriz”.

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Lisi and Hildegard

Lisi and Hildegard, Meran, Südtirol, Italy
Lisi ansd Hildegard are on a trip to Meran with 28 teachers from Saalfelden in Austria. They visit all the attractions like the garden of castle Trautmannsdorf where you can find thousands of plants from all over the world.

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